reiki channeling Sessions

 60 mins.
(recc for follow-ups only)

75 mins.

90 mins.

To schedule a Reiki Session with Lauren, please fill out the contact form.

Every session is treated as a special ceremony- because it is such.
Please come wearing loose fitting clothing, and be prepared to remove any jewelry.

The session will begin with about 10-20 mins. verbal exchange as we sink into what brings you in and your declaration of intent. This time together allows me to read your body language, thought forms, and connect with spirit to best understand how to customize your experience. Every session is unique and can incorporate guided meditation/prayer, aromatherapy, crystal healing, spiritual coaching, and tachyon particle therapy. A few minutes are spent after the reiki healing to connect and visit any awarenesses that surfaced during the session.

Some visits are more purifying and cleansing to release past experiences + tension.

Some visits are more relaxing and lull the mind, body, and spirit into a state of deep rest and recovery.

Some visits are more electrifying and will move energies throughout the body with a
high frequency to reorganize and integrate necessary wisdom.

The beauty of energy healing sessionsis that all of these benefits are received every time you come forward in the receptive mode to our innate healing power.

I’m so honored to be a supportive guide for you in your own empowerment, discovery, and wellbeing.

for more info about reiki and what to expect :
read the blog here!


Client Testimonials

“Lauren is an amazing Reiki Master and helped me during a difficult time in my life. She also recommended an essential oil that helps overcome my daily challenges and keeps me calm! - Marina

“A reiki session with Lauren is life-changing and eye-opening. Each session begins with her actively listening and asking poignant questions to better understand what you seek and how she can help. She is a gifted energy conduit providing an experience for you to learn about yourself on a deeper level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Beyond being knowledgeable and talented at what she does, Lauren is a wonderful and inspiring person to be around; it's hard not to enjoy yourself and smile and laugh in her company.” - Emily

“I had my first Reiki session today with Lauren and it was amazing. When the session was over I felt more relaxed and peaceful than I have been in years.” - Rachel