Fear of Change + Making The "Wrong" Choice

We all know some of the most innovative and genius people in history failed. Many, many times. Yet when it comes to our own decision-making, it can be f*cking terrifying.

It's so important to get clear on what changes we want to make in our lives for the better, and why. From here, we have a more confident stride and inner power. Anytime we make a change to grow- we must change the narrative on how we look at failure.

In this video I discuss how fear of failure can keep us immobile- and how to avoid this from happening to the best of your ability.

With the correct mindset, we are able to move forward and understand that everything we experience can be seen as gained information, rather than the wrong choice.

P.Sā€¦.. You never know how expressive you are until you try to choose a good video thumbnail ;)

Lauren MerrillComment