Fall Equinox 2019: BALANCE + Trust

“EQUINOX” by Valeriy Kot

“EQUINOX” by Valeriy Kot

There is no doubt that this summer has been one of great transformation.

I have been traveling for the past few months, and the many people I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with all seem to have shared a common theme: energetic overwhelm.

This is no surprise- summer is the season of action and change. Nature absorbs massive amounts of solar energy- using it to create, blossom, express, and evolve. It does so with a pace that is sure and steady. When we forget to live in the present moment, and begin stepping into worries of the “future”- it can lead to burnout and fatigue. It can lead to doubt and fear as we wonder where the fruits of our own labor are. We wonder where we are headed. This summer has brought big changes, and we stand on the precipice of wanting affirmation that everything is on the right course in our own lives.

This is when we take a step back and a deep breath in. Everything is in perfect timing. We must trust the process. This is the time of year where the harvest begins- and all of our manifestations are coming forward in a more readily available way.

Nature leans into change and does not fight it- it bends and sways with it, forever aware that every ebb and flow is part of a bigger picture. As the trees drop their leaves, I wonder whether they too have a shiver of panic, not knowing whether they will come back. The deeper answer is they don’t worry. They understand it is a necessary part of their cycle.

It is important to be the creator in our life- to consistently visit what is fulfilling vs draining us and make adjustments as needed. However, be mindful of doing so in a loving and supportive way. See how far you have come as often as you dream up what more there is to be done. If you are spending a lot of your precious energy doubting your current trajectory- your career, your relationships, your environment, your choices made past and future… redirect these thoughts in a stable and grounded way.

Say to yourself:

“I am a powerful being, and I know that despite appearances, I am exactly where I am meant to be. I am allowing greater harmony and fulfillment into my life. Times of transition can feel scary, yet they are also sacred. I call forward balance and support in all aspects of my experience. I transform the old and make way for the new.”

This is not a time to base your sense of wellbeing on how things are occurring on the outside. When we receive new information, may we never forget that we have creative ability over how we respond and move forward. We are not the events around us, we are the observer and transformer of them. We determine how the energy we receive can be bent and redistributed in a more powerful way. With this inner awareness, we gain profound power.

Hold on tight- new energy is moving in to breathe life into what has felt overwhelming or uncomfortable. We cannot lose faith that all decisions made for our lives were for our best, highest, expression.

As the leaves change color, and begin to fall- we are reminded that so much relief is right around the corner. Take this next remaining week of September to make space- clean your home, declutter, decorate, journal, consider new rituals to help you become more embodied and present these upcoming months. Think about what your greatest memories + accomplishments were this summer, and the cozy comfort awaiting in the fall season.

This is a time of celebrating how far you have come, and the beauty in every step of the journey. Even the intimidating, uncertain, shaky steps into the unknown. Especially them.

I love you so much,

Lauren MerrillComment