About Lauren Kacie,
creator of R&R


On a mission to empower.

Change begins within first. I aim to dissolve self-limiting beliefs, and help show others a more productive and compassionate inner dialogue. Through nutrition + movement, wellness + mindset coaching, personal empowerment, eastern healing techniques, and unconditional support- you will receive a myriad of information to achieve the transformation you want in your life.


My Story



It began in the desert, like all vision quests do….

Just kidding. It really began long before that, as an inquisitive child. I always wanted to know “why”- seeking to understand the world around me and what motivated others behavior. During high school, my passion for social problems made me realize that Ghandi was indeed a genius and “being the change you wish to see” was the most important thing I could do to help others.

I began studying holistic health and alternative medicine in my spare time, determined to learn as much as I could about achieving a greater sense of wellbeing. I was especially interested in the “unseen” aspect of healing, and the mind/body connection. I completed my Associates Degree in Health Education, and in 2012 I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where I became a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Aromatherapist, and Licensed Aesthetician.

This set of new skills brought me back home to Maryland where I worked at an award-winning spa for 4 years, ( I was a featured aesthetican in Washingtonian Magazine!) began a thriving Reiki healing practice, and most recently, fell in love with boxing and martial arts. My exploration of self-defense, mental focus, and physical fitness has inspired me to share with others the importance of having confidence and belief in your inner strength.

So what’s next? My upcoming goals are to complete my health coaching certification, continue martial arts studies, have FUN, spread joy, and deliver a full empowerment system to show others their brilliance as leaders and changemakers for the future. (Of course while seeing what other kind of magic life has in store..)

Follow along and join the journey.

You are a powerhouse.

-Lauren Kacie